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Oct 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
an hour. now, it's $2.50 an hour, a lot closer to mexico's average wage of $3.50 an hour, according to flextronics international, an electronics- maker with countries. now, some say china is preparing to change its manufacturing model. "they're going to put more in r&d and robotic." wages in china are rising so quickly that the boston consulting group estimates labor costs for manufacturing in china and the u.s. could converge as early as 2015. think of it - a billion consumers with more money to spend. "you want people to have money to buy your product." but there's a catch - china wants to promote chinese-made goods. "chinese always try to encourage buying goods made in china. it helps unemployment and is a source of national pride." for products aimed at american consumers, the real winner in china's rising wages may be mexico - a lot closer to the u.s., which means faster and cheaper. another benefit to the u.s. if mexico's export economy is stronger - american companies earn 37 cents of every dollar exported from mexico. why? mexican companies rely that much on american-made pa
Oct 11, 2012 4:00am PDT
disrupted production in the gulf of mexico; and other reasons - collectively short-term setbacks, according to energy trader phil flynn. "a lot of those situations are going to level out. long-term profitability will increase in the coming months." the situation in california underscores energy supplies in transition. the spike came as gas supplies were shifting from summer to winter blends. but the nation is also in an energy transition, from coal to natural gas. "demand for coal has been hit because of the cheap price of natural gas. production is so low that prices may even start to rise." but there's still a big debate about how quickly the u.s. may move toward natural gas. cars, trucks - natural gas filling stations? "you've really got to build infrastructure to deliver itto stations. it's wildly expensive." jason schenker sees oil prices going higher next year with the gap narrowing between west texas intermediate crude - known as wti - and brent blend, from the north sea. he predicts natural gas prices will stay low but begin trending upward in the next couple of years. wear and tear
Oct 16, 2012 4:00am PDT
, new mexico, nevada and wyoming are said to be the only states suffering from severe worker shortages. high speed trading is showing signs of slowing down. trading firms large and small reportedly are cutting staff or even closing. according to the new york times, profits from high speed trading on stocks are expected to hit $1.25 billion this year, down 35% from last year. owners of high- frequency trading firms have expressed concerns about government regulations, although so far u.s. regulators have taken only minor steps to rein in trading practices. morgan stanley has been slapped with a lawsuit. the firm is being sued by the american civil liberties union in a lending discrimination case. the suit claims the firm targeted minority homeowners, leading them into bad mortgage deals. they claim thousands of detroit homeowners have been caught up in the scheme. morgan stanley says the allegations are completely without merit, and plans to fight the claims. a refund may be coming your way for e-books. 3 major publishers and attorneys general from most states have reached a settlement
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3